TRICK OR TREAT: It’s more fun at Northfield!

On a balmy Saturday of November 2, 2013, Northfield Residences became awash with colors both bright and Gothic, motifs both whimsical and scary. A total of 70 excited children, garbed in their most flamboyant Halloween costumes gathered at the Clubhouse, parading as early as four in the afternoon. Their earnest effort to dress up was partly owed to hopes of being adjudged “Best in Costume” or “Star of the Night”.  At exactly 6 o’clock, kids and their guardians gathered together for the opening program.

A couple of games were played before the kids were sent off Trick or Treating. Over 20 homes participated in the fanfare, which also vied for prizes prepared for the Top 3 best Halloween home decoration.  The Colourfield staff and management served as judges.

After nearly an hour, the closing assembly was held where more games were played with more prizes won. The winners for the two competitions were also announced and a light potluck dinner was shared with everyone. When all had their fill, a bonfire was held at the center of the basketball court and some of the kids were treated to storytelling and songs by the Colourfield staff in one corner.

The afternoon had begun with a happy cacophony of voices. The day ended with a happy calm of contented sighs, sleepy “goodnights”, and with some others voicing a wish for another celebration like it.

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