The closer your home is to nature, your health is more likely better.  The fresh air circulated given off by grass, shrubs, and trees promote better respiratory and cardio-vascular health. Of course, a lifestyle that allows more opportunity to exercise as well as healthy eating also contributes to better health and well-being.

Researchers are meanwhile saying that this covers even mental health, wherein those whose living environments are close to a tree-lined park or wooded area experience less anxiety and depression. An article published by Dutch researchers back in October 2009 report  results of a comparative study between people in Netherlands who live in places with more green spaces and those  with less such as those residing in a very urban setting.  “In areas with only 10% of green space, about 2.6% of people experienced anxiety disorders, compared to 1.8% of people in areas with 90% green space. The disparity was evident for depression as well — 3.2% of people living in more urbanized areas had depression versus 2.4% of those in more rural areas.”

It is in recognition of these facts that spurred Colourfield Land Development Corporation to carefully plan out the location of its residential projects. A home in either the mid-end Northfield Residences and high-end AberdeenPlace assures healthy living. Northfield Residences is nestled in a quiet nook in Barangay Canduman, Mandaue City with a landscape of shady tree-lined walkways, linear gardens, and a grand view of the mountains and hills. Newborn project AberdeenPlace sits on a hillside in Cabancalan, Mandaue City embraced with the peaceful natural elements. Trees still very much abound the area and the cool invigorating breeze freely blow from neighboring hills.

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